Copywriting for Spoke of London

Emails to Engage


Menswear that fits. It’s all very simple really. But somewhere along the way fashion ads on the tube got daft. Jack cares about the way he looks, but not enough to bother with high-street shops full of crude bling, other people and annoying assistants.

Spoke’s online store helps Jack find his fit in 60 seconds. Once he’s done, ordering perfectly snug pants is a doddle forevermore. This gives Jack more time for post-work pints, reading that book, Sapiens, playing FIFA, and binging on Netflix with his girlfriend’s pug, Lenny.

With Onwards Branding Agency, we helped ease Jack through the customer stroll. Slipping on a delicately hilarious tone of voice, we encouraged Jack to size-up, buy forgotten baskets and refer his mates. Now, Spoke have a slick suite of emails that keep Jack’s wardrobe full of properly fitting pants. 



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