Copywriting for Laphroaig

Special Edition Single Malts

An acquired taste, Laphroaig unapologetically splits opinion. Whether you savour its peaty nose, or reel from its medicinal intensity, a dram of this fine golden liquid is anything but forgettable.

Distillery custodian, John Campbell had been carefully nurturing an exquisite treat for Laphroaig lovers for well over a decade. With the release of two special-edition single-malts, Audience were asked to write letters from John to accompany the selling kits. The letters welcomed vendors worldwide to a broader merchandising campaign by London agency, Hue and Cry.

These momentous whiskies were labelled in honour of two previous distillery managers, Bessie Williamson and Ian Hunter. We balanced John’s tone with the tone of Laphroaig, we delivered brand messages, and we paid touching and honest homage to two Laphroaig legends.




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